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Rab N Qureshi

Extraction Ventilation


Grease Extraction and Ventilation Cleaning

Accumulation of grease deposits in grease extraction systems present a significant fire hazard. No matter how efficient the extraction system or your regular filter cleaning programme. This build up of grease is inevitable. Apart from the fire risk, the accumulation of grease in the extraction system reduces ventilation efficiency resulting in overheating, excessive humidity and a continuing source of unwanted odours which can permeate the building.


Our comprehensive extraction system cleaning eliminates the fire risk and provides a clean healthy working environment. We are increasing dealing with companies whose insurance company requires evidence that a fire risk assessment has been carried out on the grease extraction system and that a professional contractor has cleaned the system.


Our extraction system cleaning practices comply with a HVCA TR19 standards as set out in their guide to good practice.


Our deep cleaning certificate is acceptable to environmental health officers and insurance companies. We additionally provide photographic evidence.


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